What if I told you that you're a (Launch) Mastermind?

your launch era is here

overthinking leads to overwhelm, clarity is power! what if you could feel crystal clear as you open your cart to sell your offer?

if you've got a busy 1:1 program, time is precious. any opportunity to save time while  launching your 1:many programs is gold! 

launching can feel really intense that's why having a plan can help you feel confident you're covering all of your bases

the only thing you need to to is add your offer!

your next launch is already planned for you

 A complete launch system built in Notion.

Women who Launch


Not everyone has the skill set to think strategically about running a business and launching - because it IS a skill. It requires being able to clearly visualize the end result and then work backwards to ensure every step that needs to be taken to get to that result is part of the strategy.

I'm REALLY good at strategy. I can visualize every single step that needs to happen in order to get to the end result. It's totally a superpower and it has helped me support multiple entrepreneurs in launching their offers into the world. 

I created the Women Who Launch template to help you DIY your next launch with a system that works! 

Hi! I'm Robin


Here's where you'll find everything you need to map out a successful launch. You can choose from a 30 day quick launch to a more robust 3 month strategy. You'll also find spaces to organize your offers, sales calls, and opt ins. 

the hub

What's Included in Women Who Launch?

Launch Hub

Choose from a quick launch or 3 month launch strategy and use the project planner to help you stay on track for your launch. Your launch will be mapped out into phases with specific tasks to do in each phase to ensure you stay on track. 

launch central

Project Planning 

Keep all of your launch copy in one place & utilize the power of AI to help kick start your ideas. This powerful copy hub will ensure you get all of the writing done for your launch well ahead of schedule and with minimal headaches! 

ai supported copy

Pre-written or Prompts

You'll get access to a suite of fully customizable Canva templates to create an on-brand social media experience for your audience. Use the content planner to map out your content then transfer your ideas on to the templates for easy content all through your launch.

canva graphics

Launch with a cohesive grid

let's do this!

+ Feel super clear about each step in your launch and have everything finished well in advance of your cart opening.

+ Once you've launched once, you can repeat the launch over and over again refining as you go to build on the success of every launch you do.

+ Minimize future launch stress by planning your launches with intention and conscious attention to details. Rest easy knowing you've managed all of the controllable pieces of your launch.

Women who launch is designed with you in mind

What to expect

Organized, but not overly rigid when it comes to managing your time and what you're working on every day.

Supported with prompts & ideas to help kickstart your creative flow while writing copy or planning your social media posts 

Prepared and ready to focus on selling when your cart opens rather than tying up loose ends that you hadn't planned for. 

especially if you like feeling

You're a DIY superstar who loves trying out new systems and can't say no to another Notion Template

You're a creative multi-passionate biz owner who likes to have a clear visual of the steps you need to take when launching your offers 

You want to communicate clearly and to the right people at the right time about your offer - you know that clarity is POWER and confused minds never buy.

You'll love women who launch if

Beta test the Women Who Launch template for a limited time! Offer is available until August 31st. Includes Voxer voice & text support from me & the complete Launch Strategy  Notion template. 


women who launch template

ready to launch your offer into the world?

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