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Focus on the things you love doing in your business knowing that the right strategy, systems, & team are in place to ensure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. 

about me

Not everyone has the skill set to think strategically about running a business - because it IS a skill. It requires being able to clearly visualize the end result and then work backwards to ensure every step that needs to be taken to get to that result is part of the strategy.


Let's fix these things!

Feeling overwhelmed because you have too many ideas and no clarity on what do to with them.

Launching offers to crickets and wondering what you’re doing wrong because you KNOW your offer is exactly what your ideal customer wants (or needs). 

I've talked to A lot of business owners 

Experiencing inconsistent cashflow because you're focusing your time and energy in the wrong place. 

Cobbling together systems, putting the cart before the horse and wasting money & time on things you don’t know how to do (or even enjoy). 

Trust me you aren't alone when you're...

why i love what i do

my story

I’ve had an online business of some kind since 2005. If you’re looking for a frame of reference on this one - the baby I was nursing while I built my first website graduated from high school this year! 
No matter what kind of work I'm doing in the online space - I have always enjoyed working on the back end of my business.

 I’ve worked with countless tools and have developed an enviable skillset when it comes to supporting online business owners. There aren’t many software systems or applications that I haven’t worked with in some capacity. 

I’ve spent the past 5 years building a coaching business supporting women to live pleasure-filled lives. The transition to becoming an online business strategist is an extension of my life's purpose to support women to do the things that bring them the most joy and pleasure. My goal is to help you feel well-resourced and confident to do the work you feel deeply passionate about doing. 

fun facts about me

Let's Get Personal

I will always happily engage you in a conversation about pop music. Ask me what my favourite Taylor Swift or Harry Styles songs are and we’ll be fast friends for sure! 

I used to completely restructure the entire back end of my coaching business just for fun. If there was a new technology to try or a cool new software I wanted to learn - I dove in head first! 

I love coaching & I still use my coaching skills every day when I work with my Biz Strategy clients! 

I also teach yoga & have a small yoga studio (literally in my back yard) where I teach a few classes every week to the local community. 





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I have a wealth of knowledge that comes from direct experience & over 15 years of running an online business. 
If you want clarity about how to grow your business, I would love to chat about whether or not growing your support team is the right next step for you! 

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