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Your business strategy belongs on paper (more accurately, a google doc) NOT in your head! Let's get your ideas out & into the world with some strategy, love & conscious intention. We'll map out your goals, offers, launches, marketing, onboarding, client services, back end systems, and standard operating procedures so that everything runs like clockwork! 

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investment begins at $250

Are new to business or have a proven 1:1 methodology and are ready to scale. 

Want to hire a Virtual Assistant or have tried to hire someone but you’re not really sure what work they could help you with. 

Aren't afraid of investing in the support of a team in order to scale their business to new heights. 

this is perfect for folks who:

We'll spend time clarifying your business goals then working backward to develop a crystal clear step by step strategy for reaching those goals. You'll leave our session with a plan that supports your desires, your energy, and your budget. 

This session will be focused on ensuring you have the correct strategy, most efficient systems, and best team in place to take your business to the next level.

This is perfect for new business owners or anyone who has a lot of great ideas but lacks systems or strategies to make them happen.

Hourly Consultation

"I'm super, super thankful to have you as part of the team that makes this possible because my business has unlocked my dream life and I legitimately would not be living that right now if I had not brought you on when I did."

jess traschel, prairie glow studio

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investment begins at $4500

Have proven your methods work through a fully booked & successful 1:1 practice 

Want to mitigate nervous system overwhelm and stress so that your launch is about showing how brilliant you are without the bro marketing, heart palpitations, and ineffective "manifestation" techniques. 

Are ready to scale by hiring support in their business. 

this is perfect for folks who:

Working with me on your next launch is exactly what you need to take your proven methodology to the masses! We'll map out a sustainable and wildly strategic plan that leverages on-brand content and list building (both organically and through paid ads) to give your offer the spotlight it deserves. When open cart rolls around, your audience will be primed & ready to work with you and all you have to do is show up & share your brilliance with them!

Your offers deserve love & attention. this means elevating your launches to taylor swift proportions - everything planned out like the mastermind you are! 

3 Month Launch Strategy 

"I feel like I can finally begin to look outside my 1:1 practice which usually takes up my TOTAL capacity. I am always behind and now I can actually start to make the stuff I want to do/create a reality"

dr. willow johnson, naturopathic doctor

let's talk about your biz

this is perfect for folks who:

investment begins at $6000

Have had tremendous success so far but haven't had time to streamline the back end of your business

Have tried hiring a Virtual Assistant only to find it was more work having help than it was to do things by yourself.

Are ready to get the systems, team, and strategy in place to ensure your business has longevity & you can have that time freedom you dreamed about when you first started your biz.

Contrary to what Taylor Swift says, you’re not the problem here. Clearly whatever you're doing is AWESOME and people love it. However, your lack of effective systems or the "good enough for now" duct-taped systems you've had since day one (Wix & Mail Chimp - I'm looking at you) are holding your business back. Scaling from this place would require an extreme amount of money & effort because your foundation is shaky. I'll work with you (and your team) to totally overhaul everything so that you can step into CEO role in your business with confidence.

it's time to stop spinning your wheels. You've got a following, your business is rocking it but you're working waayyyy too much and it's getting exhausting.

Complete Systems Audit & Overhaul  - 3 month contract

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Are you ready to explore how systems & strategy can grow your business?

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I have a wealth of knowledge that comes from direct experience & over 15 years of running an online business. 
If you want clarity about how to grow your business, I would love to chat about whether or not growing your support team is the right next step for you! 

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