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You deserve to be well-resourced in business & life.  We'll work closely to map out your goals, content, offers, launches, marketing strategy, onboarding, client services, back end systems, and standard operating procedures to ensure that everything is running smoothly and you have the support you need to make it all happen. 

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book a free consultation


You're feeling overwhelmed with the day to day task load in your business and want consistent support.

You're struggling with staying consistent with your content & want help planning, creating content, & sharing on various platforms. 

You're looking for someone to support the day to day management of your business operations so that you can focus on serving your clients & doing work in your zone of genius. 

this is perfect for you if:

We'll work together to determine a set of tasks that you can hand over to my team so that you can focus your attention on the things that you do best in your business. 

Support is available for a variety of tasks including social media management, content support, inbox management, email marketing support, and systems/tech support. 

feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to do to keep momentum going in your business? I'm here to help you get everything done so you can focus on the things you love doing. 

Tech & Content
Virtual Assistant

"We tell everyone to work with Robin! She's trustworthy, efficient, and supportive"

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$4500/9 sessions - flexible monthly payment plans available. 

You work as a coach, freelancer, service provider, yoga instructor, or in the wellness industry.

You're a creative, out-of-the box thinker who never really felt right in the bro-marketing, hustle culture, online business space.

You've had some significant success in your business and you know it's time to make some changes to grow your business and you want to do it in a way that aligns with your values & doesn't burn you out. 

this is perfect for you if:

We'll spend time clarifying your business goals then working backward to develop a crystal clear step by step strategy for reaching those goals.  Once you have a plan in place, I'll support you to stay accountable to your timeline so that you can reach your goals in a sustainable way that honours your lifestyle & energetic capacity.
Along with using impactful blueprinting tools to help re-wire your mindset at a BODY level, I'll ensure you have the correct strategy, most efficient systems, and best team in place to take your business to the next level.

 a body-based approach to creating sustainable, successful marketing strategies; up-leveling your relationship with money; conquering self doubt; and becoming the person you need to be in order to have the business you want.

The Business of Pleasureā„¢

"I'm super, super thankful to have you as part of the team that makes this possible because my business has unlocked my dream life and I legitimately would not be living that right now if I had not brought you on when I did."

jess traschel, prairie glow studio

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this is perfect for you if:

$297/month subscription

You want an experienced thought partner to support with content, funnels, systems, messaging, offers, or launching for your online business 

Your schedule is tight and creating space for 60-90 minute calls is nearly impossible. 

You want someone who can ask you great questions, help you see things you couldn't see yourself & hold space for the intensity of emotions that come along with running a business 

Using the Voxer Walkie Talkie app, you'll have unlimited access to grounding, wise, & embodied coaching support whenever you need it.
When you sign up, you'll receive an email from me with a contract & details for your coaching package. 
Voxer Support is available Monday-Friday 10am-4pm CST. 
This is a subscription based service, it will automatically renew every month for as long as you would like to have access to Voxer coaching support. 
Cancel anytime & your Voxer support will end on the following renewal date. 

The Business of Pleasure Voxer Coaching brings the transformative power of a 1:1 coaching session into your pocket... quite literally. 

Voxer Coaching - Monthly Membership

"I feel like I can finally begin to look outside my 1:1 practice which usually takes up my TOTAL capacity. I am always behind and now I can actually start to make the stuff I want to do/create a reality"

dr. willow johnson, naturopathic doctor


investment begins at $847

Need your email marketing set up complete with an opt-in, landing page, welcome sequence, & segmentation.

Have a launch coming up and you need to set up the automations for the sales process and marketing emails or when you want to turn an existing program evergreen with an automated sales funnel.

Want to get content planned for the next quarter of your business. We'll work together to map out 3 months of strategic content that educates, invites & converts your audience into customers. 

this is perfect for when you:

VIP days are the perfect one and done solution for busy entrepreneurs who have a big project but zero time to actually get that project done.  I offer 2 VIP Days per month and they are the perfect way to get something BIG done in your business very quickly. 

We'll meet for an onboarding session the Wednesday before our VIP session and then I'll get to work early Friday & have your project ready to go before the weekend starts! Woo hoo!

finally, get that big project off your to do list. from setting up the automations for your next launch to getting your opt in & welcome sequence done. It's time for a vip Day! 

VIP Day 

let's do this

book your free consult

Are you ready to explore how systems & strategy can grow your business?

the time is now

I have a wealth of knowledge that comes from direct experience & over 15 years of running an online business. 
If you want clarity about how to build a sustainable & profitable business, I would love to chat about growing your support team.

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